WeatherHandler® Compass Calibration Item # 25227

Problem – Compass will not calibrate inside the vehicle

Calibrate the compass outside the car in an open area that is not near electrical interference from high tension wires, nearby cell towers or large pieces of metal. Press and hold the RESET button for a couple of seconds, then press and hold the CALIBRATION button for four seconds. While "CAL" is flashing on the display, walk in a slow turning circle (clockwise or counterclockwise) holding the compass level and facing you. You should see the degrees in the upper left of the screen increase or decrease as you turn. The compass should calibrate in less than a minute if it is getting a clear signal. If it keeps flashing longer than that -- You may have to repeat this process a few times (but move each time to a different location) until the compass gets a clear signal and calibrates. Once it sets, and it reads correctly when facing N, S, E and W -- you can set the date and time, and place it in your car.

Remember, when you place it in the car you may have to adjust its location on the dash or windshield to keep the compass away from any interior interference. If it locks on to one direction SE or SW inside the car then move the compass until it reads correctly.