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Product Instructions

Q: Where can I find your products or a particular product?
A: Please refer to our "Find Retailer" page to see a list of our retailers in your area that carry Custom Accessories products. If you are unable to locate an item at your local retailer, we suggest going online and doing a google search, or checking on

Q: Do you have a showroom there where I can look at your products?
A: We do not have a showroom. Please refer to our online catalog.

Q: How can I request a catalog?
A: Our ENTIRE updated catalog is on our website and can be downloaded by clicking on the 'catalog' tab at the top of the screen.

Q: How do I become a dealer?
A: To become a dealer for products by CUSTOM ACCESSORIES you MUST be a
Retailer or Distributor with a Retail Tax ID # and Certificate, if so, please fill out our "Customer Registration" Form to become one of our valued customers, by clicking on the "RESISTER HERE" tab on the bottom left-hand side of the homepage, underneath where is says username & password.

Q: Can you send a defective replacement?
A: We can send defective replacements to an individual consumer only. Please send back the defective item to the following address, with a note inside describing the issue with the item, and we will send you back a replacement.

Custom Accessories
Attn:Customer Service
5900 Ami Drive
Richmond, IL 60071

Q: Can I get a replacement part to repair a product myself?
A: No. We do not give replacement parts to the consumer to be able to fix the item on their own.

Q: How do I remove blindspot mirrors?
A: We suggest using any of the following-fishing line/dental floss, or Goo Gone, to remove residue.

Q: Why does one of the deer whistles have a hole and the other doesn’t?
A: The Deer alerts are supposed to look this way, and are NOT DEFECTIVE. They operate at different speeds, hence the hole in just one of them.

The whistles should be as level as possible. But you can mount them anywhere they will get good air flow. They can even be mounted inside the grille or upside-down from some part of the undercarriage. Ignore the instructions – it does not matter which side of the car you mount them on. They work on either side as long as the horn-shaped opening faces forward.

The more air they get, the better they will work. Be careful anyway. They will not stop all deer, especially when they are “in season”. Also, be sure to remove when going through a car wash.

Q: Where can I find replacement fuses?
A: Fuses can be found by online vendors only-, Bussmann’s/Littlefuse

Q: How do I get Notepad replacements?
A: In order to get Notepad Replacements you must do the following:

- Send in $1 per pad by CHECK or MONEY ORDER ONLY. (NO CREDIT CARDS WILL BE ACCEPTED). This amount includes postage for the item to be sent back to customer.

- Please send the check or money order to the following address:

Custom Accessories, Inc.
Replacement Notepad Request
5900 Ami Drive
Richmond, IL 60071

-Make sure to include the address where you want the Notepad to be sent inside the envelope.

Custom Accessories will accept your returns for a refund ONLY if the item is broken or damaged. Returns must be made within 14 days of purchase on REGULAR price merchandise, ordered ONLINE.
After 14 days, you have until 30 days from the order date to recieve a credit. We do not accept any returns after 30 days.
-Items will be refunded within 48hrs. of receipt.
-"Special Buys" items may NOT be returned.
-All merchandise should be returned in the original box, with all it's contents included.
-There will be a shipping and handling fee for all exchanges.

Custom Accessories
Attn: Web Returns
5900 Ami Drive
Richmond, IL 60071


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