*Custom Accessories does not give out pricing of web items, unless you have registered and provided the required doumentation.

The Custom Accessories, Inc. web site has built-in features designed to serve two types of Customers:

CUSTOMER A: Is any new small business customer who would like to purchase small quantities of a LIMITED SELECTION of items with a CREDIT CARD from our On-Line Store. (COPY OF SALES TAX ID CERTIFICATE REQUIRED)

CUSTOMER B: Is either a NEW CUSTOMER seeking to establish a credit account with us, requiring three references to set up an account. Customer B is also for EXISTING ACCOUNTS ( not affiliated with our website accounts)

Customer B will also be able to browse the site and select items they would like to be quoted on, by placing them in a shopping cart. The items chosen, will then be sent to a Sales Representative, who will contact the customer regarding the items chosen.

Only registered Customers with approved, granted access will be allowed to:
• View product pack detail
• Check order status
• Request a quote
• Enter our site to view and purchase from our "Special Buys/CLOSEOUT" section.
** If you are a registered customer that has ordered from us before, and your email address has changed, you do not need to register again. Simply login with your old email address and update your info once you are logged in.

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Purchase from our online store using your credit card
(min order $100)

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